Apparel Packaging That's Dressed to Kill

By Katelan Cunningham · February 4, 2016

Fashion brands aren't just selling clothes. They're selling lifestyles via Instagram posts, fashion bloggers, and pins. They're helping people create mental moodboards of the looks that they're going for. Selling that look starts way before and lasts long after people rip the tags off of their new duds. 

As a fashion brand, your packaging should immerse people in the kind of ethos and ambiance that you're creating with your brand. From casual to classy, here are some examples of apparel packaging that uses custom goods to create remarkable experiences.

This roundup includes inspiration from some of our favorite companies and designers around the web. Unless specified, these designs are not made by Lumi.

Adisgladis Grocery Bags

This Swedish clothing brand is raw fun. The logo is an icon of pipe pieces forming a smiley emoticon, the store's hangers and made of cardboard, and just like the clothes themselves — the packaging balances utility and spunk. 

Instead of just sticking with one-sided branding, Adisgladis uses the opposite side of their grocery-style bags to show off their mission. With a polished serif headline, the bag shows the earnest tone in the quirky branding. 

To seal paper baggies, they've used a label that translates to "Thanks!" in English. We love the idea of using a roll of masking tape to seal and stick to mailers.

 Apparel Packaging That's Dressed to Kill
 Apparel Packaging That's Dressed to Kill

Adisgladis by Bedow

The Fableist Logo Use

On this line of kids clothing, the abstract "F" is tiny on the t-shirts tags, and huge on the shopping bags. The mark is enough to bring some attitude to a basics brand, while still feeling friendly and fun.

With the bright green thread to tie on the tag and the youthful grocery bags for in-store purchases, the entire brand looks alive, electric and kid-like. 

 Apparel Packaging That's Dressed to Kill
 Apparel Packaging That's Dressed to Kill

The Fableists by Freytag Anderson

The Factory's Accents

Black and white is an instant classic, but add some gold accents and a generously spaced sans serif and you have boutique sleek. The Factory packaging is runway with a streetwear edge. Not too shiny or embellished with enough character to show a good amount of style. 

Their stylish shopping bag variations are filled with white tissue paper, which can tend to look cheap on its own, but with a black logo sparsely spaced — it looks like a million bucks. For smaller purchases and shipping, patterned cotton bags make for elegant satchels to hold any goodies that need extra TLC.

 Apparel Packaging That's Dressed to Kill
 Apparel Packaging That's Dressed to Kill

The Factory by Ghost

Page Three Hundred's Stunning Suite

This Italian studio has designed an apparel packaging suite that pulls out all the stops. They make plain tissue paper look like precious cargo with a swatch of branding for a seal. We think this would look equally cool with a strip of branded masking or gummed tape.

Outside the tissue is a red mailer that they've taken the time to embellish with a red wax seal, making something so timeless look so modern. And now we want to put wax seals on every mailer.

 Apparel Packaging That's Dressed to Kill
 Apparel Packaging That's Dressed to Kill

Page Three Hundred

With the right packaging, your brand can go full circle to evoke the perfect lifestyle for your brand. On, we've just added poly mailers and a lineup of inner bags to get you one step closer to the packaging suite you've been dreaming about for your brand.

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