7 Headline-Worthy Book Mailer Designs

February 24, 2017

More and more indie magazines are hitting the newsstands, proving that print is only getting prettier. Magazines like Kinfolk are not only substantial stacks of literature, but they're stunning. For subscribers paying up to $20 for issues of these coffee table reads, proper packaging is key for keeping pages free of bends, scruffs, and dirt.

In the biz, corrugate book mailers are categorized as a type of OPF, or One Piece Folder. There are different die cut features to customize these mailers, but across the board, this open swatch of corrugate is a blank slate to create an unboxing experience that’s unique to books and magazines.

This roundup includes inspiration from some of our favorite companies and designers around the web. Unless specified, these designs are not made by Lumi.

Table of Contents

Give your readers a sneak peek before they even get to your magazine. The inside of the front flap is ideal for pull quotes, magazine features, and even a reminder to subscribe.

Aquellos Que Esperan, Vol.1: Así nace la espera by Koln Studio 7 Headline-Worthy Book Mailer Designs

A Pop of Spot Color

Show off your brand color in all its glory, or change your logo color to go with each new issue. Don't forget to design for the shipping label, and have some fun while you're at it. 

Departamento Magazine by Network Osaka 7 Headline-Worthy Book Mailer Designs

Wrap-Around Logo

The design of Ninety Nine U Magazine is totally unexpected. Each page goes beyond the typical column text structure, so this full bleed logo really fits the bill. Since this style of mailer wraps around your magazine, uninterrupted, a full bleed design just feels right.

Ninety Nine U Magazine 7 Headline-Worthy Book Mailer Designs

Centered and Straightforward

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with containing your design to fit within the four edges of your mailer. This mailer for Laus is neat and tidy with a tab lock wrapping around the front and tucking neatly into the back.

Laus Annual, 2016 by Solo
 7 Headline-Worthy Book Mailer Designs

Laus Annual, 2016 by Solo

Die cut cover

This mailer is made with a lightweight board rather than corrugated cardboard, so it may not be suited for shipping, but we couldn’t help but feature it for those nifty die cuts. Outside the mailer, the cutouts function as abstract sneak peeks at the cover, and from the inside, they’re part of the Creative Space logo. 

Creative Space by Ro and Co Studio 7 Headline-Worthy Book Mailer Designs

Guiding Lines

This abstract design is subconsciously instructional, leading the eye to the back of the mailer with a tiny arrow pointing right to the tab lock holding it all together.

Art Event Game-City by Stephan Lerou 7 Headline-Worthy Book Mailer Designs

Interactive Packaging

Elephant Magazine is an art culture magazine, and their fresh new redesign makes art our of their mailer so that no part of their physical customer experience goes to waste. It’s fun, on brand, and totally memorable.

Elephant Magazine by Kind Studio 7 Headline-Worthy Book Mailer Designs

Elephant Magazine by Kind Studio

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