Signature Ways to Brand Your Prints

By Katelan Cunningham · January 12, 2016

A penciled John Hancock in the bottom right corner is the traditional way to go, but for photos, posters, and any kind of print work, you can elevate your brand beyond a typical signature. Whether you’re a designer selling your print work or an event photographer packaging photos, next-level branding on your prints will give lead to a more standout experience. 

We collaborated with Photojojo and designer Jenna Carando to come up with some alternative, noteworthy ways to brand your print work.

 Signature Ways to Brand Your Prints  Signature Ways to Brand Your Prints

Emboss over your print: Whether your mark is a brand seal or signature, an embosser can really class it up. For starters, leave your impression in the bottom right corner, and then once you’ve warmed up a bit, try it on the print itself.

We love the look of a raised mark over part of a photo or design. We found that it looks best on parts of the print that aren’t too busy. The 1.75” emboss makes a big impression on this 5.72” square print, and the bigger your print the more subtle it looks.

 Signature Ways to Brand Your Prints  Signature Ways to Brand Your Prints

Stamp the back: No matter how big your brand gets, the humble rubber stamp always has your back. And the back of your prints. When you’re working with smaller prints, or a print with a full bleed, stamping on the back is an ideal way to leave your calling card without altering the image. If you often sell your prints in person, it may be a good idea to include your website with your logo.

Pro tip: When you’re not stamping prints, you can use your stamp to DIY some business cards.

 Signature Ways to Brand Your Prints

Ship in style: Your prints can speak volumes before they’re even opened or unrolled. When you’re shipping prints, packaging is your first impression — so it should be a branded one. If you’re shipping flat, rigid mailers are the way to go. For high shipping volumes, you can get them in bulk, or for one-off print runs, you can stamp as you go (using your nifty logo stamp).

If you’re shipping in tubes, you can stamp the tube itself and the outside of the kraft paper you roll your print in. Basically, there’s no such thing as too much branding.

 Signature Ways to Brand Your Prints  Signature Ways to Brand Your Prints

Add analog effects: Trying to recreate analog techniques with technology isn't anything new. But we decided to flip the script and recreate the image overlays that we see on Instagram, with a more hands-on approach.

Using the Lumi silkscreen kit, we got a small screen of a hand-lettered design from Jenna. Then we just taped down the print and the screen and squeegeed away. It turned out even better than we thought.

Whether you’re great at hand lettering or illustration, layering your talents with silkscreens over digital prints makes for a really special look that we can't wait to try out more.

 Signature Ways to Brand Your Prints

It's time to use your print work to get your name out there in the most memorable way possible. After all, you're a big deal.

All of the photos, logos and hand lettering, by Jenna Carando . All of the photo prints are from Parabo Press.

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