Cotton Bureau is Making Beautiful Tees with Beautiful Packaging

By Katelan Cunningham · May 31, 2016

Cotton Bureau is an online marketplace for designers and t-shirt fans to create, sell, and buy ridiculously beautiful, high-quality t-shirts. People submit t-shirt designs, make money when their shirts sell, and get exposure with like-minded folks. 

The small team at Cotton Bureau is running a big operation, curating new designs and shipping out over three thousand t-shirts every month to a flock of dedicated t-shirt and design lovers around the world. When you're as passionate about design as Cotton Bureau, packaging matters — and not just for their own brand image. The packaging on each new t-shirt also represents the pride of the artists designing the shirts. 

 Cotton Bureau is Making Beautiful Tees with Beautiful Packaging


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Cotton Bureau ships each of their tees in a poly mailer, flood coated in their signature color. Their name and logo (designed by Bobby McKenna) creates a full-bleed pattern across the front. On the back, their logomark is large with some fun copy along the bottom. When they were looking for a new packaging partner, it was important that they maintain a high level of quality in the look and feel of their packaging, and not spend a ton of money doing it. 

For their new poly mailers from Lumi, Cotton Bureau was looking to keep the same design but with a higher quality matte finish. The pure matte look we achieved gives Cotton Bureau's mailers a high end, soft feeling, just like the tees inside. Not only that, by working with the our Brand Managers, Cotton Bureau found out that they could cut costs by 14 cents per mailer, saving them over $5,600 a year.

 Cotton Bureau is Making Beautiful Tees with Beautiful Packaging

Compared to their previous experiences with old school packaging companies, co-founder Jay Fanelli has appreciated the Lumi approach to modern business. He said he doesn't miss the faxes, press checks, credit applications, and large minimums. At Lumi, we care a lot about easy ordering, impressive quality, beautiful design, and getting businesses of all sizes the best price for their packaging. 

“Making things like packaging, stamps, and signage used to be such a hassle ... Lumi modernizes the entire process and brings it all under the same roof.”

 Cotton Bureau is Making Beautiful Tees with Beautiful Packaging

With Lumi as their new packaging partner, Cotton Bureau is shipping out 34% more awesome t-shirts without having to budge on their packaging budget. The cut in cost means more quality projects and tees for their customers and less time scouring packaging forums for the best price — because we have it. 

See how much you can save when you ship your tees with Lumi. Try Lumi Concierge and we'll send you a personalized quote to get you up and running with high-quality packaging that's oh-so easy on your budget.

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