To Create Memorable Brands, Make it Personal

By Sean Trapani · February 18, 2016

Based in Philadelphia, Cinch is a new creative agency that’s using innovative strategies to create purposeful experiences for brands. We first noticed the snappy Cinch mark on their clever Activation Kits, complete with stamped and embossed goodies.

Co-founder Sean Trapani is sharing the lessons he’s learned in creating memorable brand experiences by getting more personal. Take it away, Sean. 

 To Create Memorable Brands, Make it Personal

Take a minute, and think about a memorable experience you’ve had. Was it unexpected? Was it personal? Did the experience make you feel something? Chances are, the answers to these questions are "yes."

Now, let’s ask those same questions in regard to brands. Shouldn’t a brand strive to connect in these ways, too? With so much information at our fingertips, begging for our attention, a brand can't afford to be forgettable. It's more important than ever for your brand to create experiences that are memorable.

So what makes a memorable brand experience? 

It's best to start thinking of your brand as a person and not a thing. People have personalities, feelings, emotions, etc. People change clothes; they have nuances and different looks. Applying this thought to your brand identity will allow it to shine on a variety of platforms and in different situations. A corporate logo, for instance, doesn't have to go everywhere and be everything. 

How your brand is portrayed on your website can and should vary from your Facebook page or Instagram account. I mean, what's worse than a horizontal logo squeezed into a circular profile pic that you can't even read? Sure, it's consistent (because it's the same), but is it helping your brand stand out? People will notice what's different. It’s important to show your customer various sides of your brand and use each delivery as an opportunity to showcase your brand's personality.

 To Create Memorable Brands, Make it Personal

Next, you’ll want to make your brand experience personal. Utilize storytelling to connect with your customer in real ways vs. marketing jargon. With custom sign company BCo. Art, we did just that. We know that people typically order their handmade, reclaimed wood signs as custom gifts or for a particular saying on a sign that holds meaning to them. We tapped into this feeling of personalization with the first customer communication through email — a "Thank you for the purchase" that's followed by the story of why the sign was created. So instead of just sending an automated, generic, purchase confirmation email, time is taken to tell each customer something more about what they ordered, thereby making it more personal. 

The opportunity to personalize the experience didn't stop with an email. When a BCo. Art order arrives, a handwritten letter, telling the story of where the wood comes from and how it was acquired, is included. It's finished with the line, "We sincerely hope this sign brings as much joy to your home, or the home you are giving it to, as it did to us while creating it." These little touches give the customer something meaningful and interesting to share when talking about the sign they received or gave as a gift.

 To Create Memorable Brands, Make it Personal
Establishing a personality for your brand isn't rocket science, but it's often overlooked.

Nothing replaces doing something by hand, especially when you want to create the feeling of quality. People value time spent on creating something born out of love and passion. So how do you add those nuances to your brand experience in a way that tells your customer you value them?

When beginning a journey with one of our amazing partners, Cinch puts together what we call an "Activation Kit" - a sort of welcome/thank-you-for-choosing-us package that allows us to step into their world and work alongside them. Some of the differentiating materials in the kit include: a hand-embossed Moleskine journal, a handwritten note of inspiration and guidance that is hand-stamped with our logo, and a hand-drawn piece of art that is customized to each client. But the kit isn't complete until we throw in some of our favorite swag, like a deck of playing cards from Theory 11, or something equally fun and memorable.

Now, of course, not all of these examples will apply to your business, but the goal isn't to draw you a map. It's to point you in a meaningful direction to start you on the path of creating your own unforgettable brand experiences. 

There are a lot of places to find information and have conversations. Make sure your brand is capitalizing on the places and spaces you’re choosing to join. And most importantly, give your customers an experience that moves them, that they feel passionate about, and that gives them a reason to tell everyone all about their exchange with your brand.

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