Knowing Your Way Around a Box

By Katelan Cunningham · September 20, 2016

In the Lumi editor, you can upload your logo, scale it, and choose your PMS colors to design your own box, and see the base price. But if you want to create a design that's a bit more complex, all you have to do is download a dieline and send it to us in a custom quote for pricing – you can even request custom sizes. To know what's possible with your box design, you have to know the box, so here are some oft-ignored parts of the design anatomy and some unique ways to treat them.

This roundup includes inspiration from some of our favorite companies and designers around the web. Unless specified, these designs are not made by Lumi.

Don't forget the sides

The sides of your box are the perfect companions to the top of your box. Use them to reinforce your brand identity, communicate details about the product or give some helpful info about where people can find you online. 

In classic package design, it is often recommended to reiterate at least your company or product name on each outside face of the box, in case your product is stacked sideways.

Fort Point by Manual
 Knowing Your Way Around a Box

Dust flaps

On either side of the lid of your box, those panels of cardboard are dust flaps and they're totally printable! Use can use them to bring your brand color or pattern inside, closer to your product. Arduino uses their pattern on the front flap of their boxes, and stays with solid color on the sides.

The panels that wrap around either side of the base of the box are actually part of the outside of the box when folded flat, so those will be printed with the same color as your box exterior unless you design it differently. 

Arduino by Rebecka Leufstadius
 Knowing Your Way Around a Box

Colored interior

If a colored exterior, feels too in-your-face, stick with natural craft and go to town on the inside of your box. Nothing beats a vibrant pop of color upon unboxing and Le Parcel executes this idea beautifully for their subscription customers with their signature pink. The wrapped logo on the top is a beautiful touch too. 

Le Parcel by Andrew Capener
 Knowing Your Way Around a Box

Full-bleed logo

Go all the way with your logo and let it stretch edge-to-edge for a really striking brand impression. Panatea goes bold, enlarging their logo to fill one half of the box, while keeping the whole box feeling minimal and clean with single-color printing. 

Panatea by Adam Lowe
 Knowing Your Way Around a Box

Continuous design around the sides

Go ahead and follow through with a delightful illustration, going round and round the sides of your box. This box by Bedow is for Biggans Böcklingpastej fish paste, so it makes sense that the box is based in this sea like illustration. 

Biggans Böcklingpastej by Bedow
 Knowing Your Way Around a Box

Patterning the interior

Looking for some extra spunk inside your box? Simply inverse your exterior pattern and voilà! The inside out approach is a bold, surprising reveal is just waiting to be unboxed. 

Viktor Andersson Knowing Your Way Around a Box

Additional colors and printing options cost more depending on the specifics of your design. If you want to get pricing before you design a dieline, drop us a line with details about what you have in mind and we can give you an idea of what's possible.

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