Why We're Entering the World of Blank Packaging

By Jesse Genet · May 18, 2016

One of our very first products was a custom rubber stamp. It’s simple, timeless, ultra versatile and totally empowering. In a lot of ways, it’s been a symbol of what we want to offer modern brands with every one of our products — low-entry access to affordable, professional tools so your brand to look as good (if not, better) than any brand out there.

We’ve been honored to grow with so many businesses from the stamp stage to custom boxes, and now we’re expanding our offering to fill in the gaps and become your one-stop shop for packaging. We are excited to introduce The Essentials — a line of blank, fundamental packaging materials for your products.

From rubber stamps and silkscreen kits to custom tape and tissue, our top priority is always advocating for the entrepreneur. That means bringing transparency to the packaging industry which is muddied with layers of distributors, brokers, and companies only looking to sell you what’s best for them. To get the best pricing, you have to know the right people, and to know the right people, you have to be the kind of business that’s making billions — that’s billions with a “B.” We call this dilemma The Pain Zone, and it’s a place where all too many businesses find themselves.

So to bring packaging to the people, we started with custom goods, finding the actual humans running the machines so we could offer factory direct pricing on high-quality materials for thousands of brands. But custom goods don’t make sense for every brand’s budget, size or aesthetic, and we were noticing a growing void in our promise to advocate for the entrepreneur — that void was blank packaging materials. 

 Why We're Entering the World of Blank Packaging

We found that other packaging companies are selling blank materials with astronomical margins to pay for their distributors, brokers, and their pounds and pounds catalogs. All of these factors have grown into a troubling status quo in the packaging industry. It's not a young man's (and certainly not a young woman's) game, but we're looking to change that by expanding our offering to include The Essentials, so we can meet all the packaging needs of any-sized business.

In the Essentials Collection, we are offering many of our current custom products with blank options in addition to some packaging categories that are totally new to Lumi: crinkle paper, labels, hang tags, and more. Just like the rest of our Lumi products, everything will have transparent pricing with the volume discounts for any-sized business.

We’re really excited about the versatility and scaling that’s now possible across Lumi.com and we're already working on expanding this blank packaging offering. The Essentials Collection will give all kinds of brands the ability to make the best packaging decisions for their business and their budget, so they can continue to grow. We can't wait to see what you can do with it. 

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