Plan Your Packaging With the Lumi Dashboard

By Katelan Cunningham · May 9, 2016

The Lumi Dashboard is your personal packaging headquarters. It's a tool for you to see all of your past orders, restock, and save all of your packaging designs — even if you aren’t buying them yet. Paired with custom quoting, picking the perfect packaging is super easy and actually fun — at least we think so.

When you’re logged in to Lumi.com, you can get to your Dashboard in the top left corner. If you’re just dabbling around the site and trying out new packaging solutions, you can save each of your builds to your Dashboard so you can come back to them later. A build is any product mockup that you’ve saved. Customize a product with your own design, color, size, or quantity and that information will also be saved with your build. Your Dashboard is a grid of all of those builds, plus your past orders so you can see them all in one place. 

 Plan Your Packaging With the Lumi Dashboard

Your Dashboard is an ideal place to build out your packaging system and see how all of the pieces will work together. You can even try out some aspirational designs and use it like a packaging dream board. If you’re waiting to reach a certain shipment quantity before you order a specific product, go ahead and save your build so you can just click to order when you’re ready. If there is anything in your Dashboard that you don’t like, just click on it to edit, archive, or delete it. 

The Dashboard isn’t just for the planning phases. You can adjust the quantity of a product and add it to your cart right from that screen, so you don’t have to click through various product pages when you need to restock. We know that when you're running a business, it's the little things that slowly suck up your time, and we hope that these features in your Lumi Dashboard will make a big difference on your daily to-do list.

 Plan Your Packaging With the Lumi Dashboard

If you don't quite know what you need yet, just send us a Custom Quote, including your logo, and let us know what you're shipping. Our team will personally choose and design a suite of packaging options. We hope that the Dashboard, Custom Quote, and each new tool we build saves you some time and money on packaging so you can create a quality brand experience with a packaging system unique to your brand. 

Innovative brands use Lumi to manage scalable and sustainable packaging.

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