You can now hire exceptional packaging agencies and freelancers with Lumi Experts

February 11, 2021

Finding great packaging experts can be hard, but today it gets a bit easier.

Lumi Experts is our new partnership program for agencies and independent professionals who specialize in the design, development, sourcing and supply chain management of packaging and print products.

Whether you're looking for branding, graphic design, packaging engineering, sustainability consulting or supply chain experience, you can find exceptional people to help with our new directory.

Lumi Experts are not only packaging experts, they also know their way around the Lumi Platform and can help you create specifications, choose suppliers, or optimize your existing packaging to reduce both your costs and environmental footprint.

For agencies and packaging professionals, joining Lumi Experts is also a way to benefit from free resources tailor-made by our team, and tools that help you streamline your work with clients.

Some of our launch partners include agencies such as Ferroconcrete, Doris Dev, Fuzzco, Atlason, Guacamole Airplane, The Office of Ordinary Things and Ludlow Kingsley who are behind some of the most innovative and sustainable packaging in the world. 

Want to hear from Lumi Experts? Tune into our podcast episodes with Ian Montgomery of Guacamole Airplane and Helen Rice from Fuzzco.

Innovative brands use Lumi to manage scalable and sustainable packaging.

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