Announcing Lumi ID: Making Packaging Transparency Accessible to All

March 18, 2020

Today, I have the pleasure of sharing something Lumi has been working towards for four years. Meet Lumi ID, the fastest and most accurate way to help people understand how your packaging is made, and how to dispose of it responsibly.

Lumi ID is a digital identification tool that links physical packaging to dynamic information accessible from the Lumi platform. Lumi IDs are universal and can be printed as QR codes on boxes, envelopes, jars, bottles, cans, tubes, publications, labels, collateral, or any other packaging.

You can scan the QR code with your camera app to access a Lumi ID page about the item. Lumi ID tells you about the kind of packaging it is, where it was made, what materials it’s made of, sustainability information, and how to dispose of it in your neighborhood.

QR codes can be scanned with any smartphone using your native camera app. Try it out!

Lumi ID empowers companies and their customers to progress towards a circular economy and greater supply chain transparency. It epitomizes our mission: to help people understand how things are made, so better choices get made.

I mentioned that we’ve been working towards Lumi ID for four years. What took so long? The answer is standardization. We wanted to provide accurate and useful information about any type of packaging that can be made using Lumi.

To do so, we had to develop and refine four big things:

Bringing all of this together alongside data from partners such as Earth911, allows us to make it easy and free for end consumers to see information that was not easily accessible before. This is important because every city has its own recycling infrastructure and regulations that can be difficult to navigate. Making identification digital helps ensure that the information always reflects current best practices as they evolve.

Lumi ID offers the best local disposal options for every packaging type.

Lumi ID is not a certification, it's a tool for transparency. Our goal is to simplify the vast and complex information about packaging, and make it easy to understand.

Many brands using Lumi are already taking steps to choose better packaging and hold themselves accountable for reducing their environmental impact. They are often part of great organizations such as B Labs, 1% for the Planet, Climate Neutral, Sustainable Packaging Coalition, and more. We believe that by supporting brands in making packaging information accessible, we can help individuals and certification bodies validate transparency and sustainability claims more accurately than ever before.

There’s so much more to Lumi ID, but for now I’ll let you explore the details on our site. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing more about some of the brands already implementing Lumi ID. We can hardly contain our excitement!

Curious about Lumi ID? Join our Q&A webinar this Friday at 10AM PDT to chat with me and members of the Lumi team.

Innovative brands use Lumi to manage scalable and sustainable packaging.

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