Pick Your Perfect Box Size

By Katelan Cunningham · March 8, 2016

Before we designed our new lineup of box mailers, we asked around to see what sizes people needed most. The Premium Mailer Box lineup spans sizes that go from adorably small to generously large so you can ship whatever you’re selling in style. Check out the full lineup below to see which sizes best suit your shipping needs. As a point of scale, we’ve packed them up with common fruits — because we know you measure all of your shipping needs in bananas.

 Pick Your Perfect Box Size


This lone ranger is small and sturdy. It’s one inch shy of a perfect cube and it's the perfect kind of cozy for shipping goods like coffee mugs, food in jars, candles and other small accessories. It’s also just right for grapefruits. And once we can justify sending out grapefruits as customer appreciation, you can expect one in your mailbox. 


  • 5” × 5” × 4” (pictured)
 Pick Your Perfect Box Size


Think shoe box, except better. This family of boxes are most often seen carrying monthly subscriptions for anything from candy to undies. Just like the modest apple, our medium boxes have a lot of potential and they’re really versatile. They're not too deep or too flat. They're not too wide or too long. They have just enough space to be adaptable, but not so much that you need to compensate with a ton of padding.


  • 9” × 6.5" × 2”
  • 11” × 9” × 4” (pictured)
  • 13” × 8” × 2.5”
  • 13.5” × 9.5” × 5”
  • 14” × 11” × 4”
  • 14” × 12” × 4”
 Pick Your Perfect Box Size


These are the kind of boxes that the mailman can’t slip under the mat. Even these big kahunas have a tabbed lids that fold down and close easily and securely. Use them to ship large orders, bulk products or the whole kit and kaboodle — whatever that may entail.


  • 14” × 12” × 9”
  • 16” × 12” × 10” (pictured)
  • 19” × 15” × 7”
 Pick Your Perfect Box Size


We can’t wait to see some killer pizzeria designs on these cardboard beauties, but they're not just for pies. They’re also ideal for shipping prints, books, portfolios, or anything that needs to stay flat in transit. If you’re wondering how wide they are, they range from 6 bananas wide to 12 bananas wide.


  • 12.5” × 12.5” × 2” (pictured)
  • 20” × 16” × 2”

We designed these boxes from the ground up and we can't wait for you to enjoy the fruits of our labor. (Sorry, we had to.) Try your logo on our full lineup of custom mailer boxes on

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