Meet Lumi Search and Supplier Profiles: What if finding a manufacturer was easy?

February 2, 2021

Three years ago, we shared our vision to make custom manufacturing as scalable as the web. Since then, brands have used Lumi to manufacture over 200 million products with suppliers on Lumi, while improving sustainability, reliability, and costs. Today we're excited to take another leap in making custom manufacturing more accessible.

Lumi Search builds on the shared knowledge of the entire Lumi community, which encompasses brands, manufacturers, agencies, 3PLs, and partners. Together we are building a shared and ever-improving structure for locations, certifications, materials, processes, audits, and performance data.

Lumi Search is a free tool that helps you explore packaging and print suppliers so you can make better decisions for your business. For example you can now easily find suppliers that offer paper products from sustainably managed forests, adhere to strict quality control processes, or can produce lower volume digital runs.

Hundreds of factories in North America have already built their Lumi profiles, and more are joining every day across the world.

Alongside Lumi Search, we're also introducing new software capabilities that allow you to manage a smarter quoting process so that you can send one quote request to many suppliers at once or allow suppliers to find you by opening your request to the Lumi marketplace. From there, you can communicate, order, and transact directly with suppliers on Lumi, or use our Managed Services if you need extra help.

Explore new features of the Lumi Platform in this 3 minute overview:

Innovative brands use Lumi to manage scalable and sustainable packaging.

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