Make Your Packaging Pop with Patterns

By Katelan Cunningham · April 6, 2016

A pattern — be it funky, minimal or decadent — is a fun branding element to add extra intrigue to your packaging. Whether you go edge to edge or use snippets of it in curious places, a good pattern will take you far. Here’s some inspiration from brands going the extra mile with their patterned packaging.

This roundup includes inspiration from some of our favorite companies and designers around the web. Unless specified, these designs are not made by Lumi.

Black and White Geometric

Organic soaps are all the rage, and often you’ll see them wrapped in kraft paper with a simple stamp and that fresh-from-the-farm feel. There’s definitely a market for the farmers market chic, but from the looks of this lineup from London Fields, these soaps want to appear more glossy and even a tad commercial. The suite of patterned papers make the look work and give each type of soap a different look while maintaining the elegance of the black and white aesthetic.

 Make Your Packaging Pop with Patterns

London Fields Soap Company by One Darnley Road

Lace Pattern

On the other end of the cosmetics spectrum, Vama embraced the au natural look on their boxes, with a white lacey pattern covering the top of the box. The pattern wraps around the entire box, making it feel extra special and specialty. The pattern is made up of elements used on each of the brand’s amber bottles, making for a one-two punch of packaging wow factor.

 Make Your Packaging Pop with Patterns

Vama by Faze

Full wrapped

This design was for an April Fools gag put on by Trunk Club, but that patterned box is no joke. Brown on kraft is an always-classy option and the wall-to-wall print plays well for a gift box since it alludes to wrapping paper. In fact, for that reason, full-bleed patterns are a great idea for subscriptions services.

 Make Your Packaging Pop with Patterns

Pup Club by Andy Hendricks

Elemental Pattern

The branding for this food market is upscale and elemental — except the elements are tools of butchery. Their paper is patterned with cleavers, sausages, skewers and cuts of meat, in a simple black illustrative style. It has character, but it’s not too flashy and it’s the perfect backdrop for black twine, hang tags and striking stickers.

 Make Your Packaging Pop with Patterns

The Market by Stitch Design Co.

Dotted for details

The thing with dotted patterns is, they never get old. Try them tiny or try them bold and they offer totally different effects. Kibard went the tiny route on their boxes, making for a subtle allusion to half tone, while also driving home the details and clarity of their seal mark. They great thing about this all over, tiny dot pattern is that it’s a simple, low impact, textured alternative to full bleed color.

 Make Your Packaging Pop with Patterns

Kibard Design

Placement and Proportion

We're giving one more go-round to polka dots and it's all for this pop art lineup from Garbeo. They snuck the dots on the inside of their packaging to bring some extra celebration to their product reveal. Across the branding, the dots vary in size and make appearances in black and yellow, making for a cohesive lineup with all the spunk.

 Make Your Packaging Pop with Patterns

Studio Garbeo by Fátima de Juan

Try your own brand pattern across boxes, tape and mailers for packaging that pops.

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