Release Notes: Proof Management

April 16, 2019

We’re bringing a new workflow online! Starting today, you can approve and reject proofs through the Lumi Dashboard. Here’s how it works.

Manage proof approvals 

When a proof is ready for your team to review, you’ll be notified that an action is needed. Head over to the proof page to look over the art and specifications before approving or rejecting the proof. If you need to, you can revoke your approval at any point before an order is placed for that item.


If anything is incorrect, click “Reject” and let us know what needs to be fixed. Our team will share an updated proof for review as soon as possible.

Keep track of your proof statuses

With this release, your team can keep track of who approved which proofs and when they were approved. All proofs, approved or rejected, are stored in your Dashboard for reference. 

You’ll also see items with a Prepress Status, telling your team whether the item doesn’t have a proof, has a proof outstanding, or is approved and ready to get ordered. 

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