New at Lumi: Custom Bags for Protective Packaging

February 9, 2016

Every step in your production workflow is a chance for your precious products to get smudged, bumped and bruised. It's nothing against you, it’s just that we’re all human. After your product is handmade or manufactured, it goes through three phases: storage, transportation, and fulfillment. 

Whether you're working out of a small studio space or a big warehouse, your goods are vulnerable to humans, dust and damage in each of the phases. To protect your hard work and your reputation, our new lineup of custom bags will help keep your shipments and sales organized, clean and classy. Because the first time your customer touches their brand new awesome thing from you — it should feel brand new. 

 New at Lumi: Custom Bags for Protective Packaging
 New at Lumi: Custom Bags for Protective Packaging

Clear Peel and Seal Bags

With each product that comes off the line, load up and label them in these lightweight poly bags. The less time your goods are exposed to the elements, the less of a chance there is that you'll lose merchandise (or customers!) to little stains or rips. For a big warehouse, Peel and Seal bags are an organizational must because they make it easy to get full scope of your stock. 

In a small studio or living room operation, they're just as pivotal. Keeping operations organized in a multi-functional space takes a special effort, and these bags cut down on the work. Just make your product, bag it and wait for the orders to flood in. 

Inside of boxes or mailers, custom poly bags display extra care for your goods — especially when they're branded. When thinking about your design, you can put your logo front and center or cover the bag in a printed pattern. You can also go for a more functional approach with an operational design that looks good too. Think large "S, M, L" to show sizes, or color-coded marks for different items. 

 New at Lumi: Custom Bags for Protective Packaging

Clear Zip Top Bags

For the next level of protection, enlist a fleet of zip bags. These are good for keeping little odds and ends together and for keeping more delicate items fresh and dry. Often you'll see zip bags used to hold enamel pins or jewelry to make sure all of the tiny pieces don't get lost in the shuffle of sales and shipping. They're also handy for holding onto accessories to a product that requires some assembly — think screws and hooks.

For delicate soft goods like undies, swimsuits and babies clothes, cleanliness is key. Zip bags not only protect from moisture and dirt, but they're a familiar sign of freshness. Perfect for sealing in that brand new feeling. They're also handy for easily showing a customer an item without ripping open a new package that you'll have to reseal.

 New at Lumi: Custom Bags for Protective Packaging
 New at Lumi: Custom Bags for Protective Packaging

Drawstring Cotton Bags

With your design or a branded pattern, cotton bags are lovely brand goodies that people will want to keep. We love the versatility of these natural bags are and how they can add an extra element of luxury / VIP status. 

As inner or outer packaging, cotton bags aren’t just classy — they’re prime for reuse. People will hold onto these satchels for safekeeping of your products or to organize their own household bits and pieces. 

Pro-tip: Cotton bags are sustainable second life packaging. After they're used in your packaging, people can use the smaller bags to make potpourri holders or DIY dryer sachets. The larger bags are great for traveling with or storing shoes and handbags. They can even be used as laptop sleeves! When we run out of uses for them, we’ll let you know.

Creating a stellar packaging experience is just like making a killer baklava or a bean dip — it's all about layers. These new custom bags are meant to add an extra layer of protection and class to the products that you're working hard to show the world.

We're always adding new products to the lineup on Lumi.com. If you add a custom Lumi product to your packaging, we'd love to see it! Share a photo with us @Lumi on Instagram using the tag #madewithlumi. We feature projects from the Lumi community every day!

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