Release Notes: Blank Packaging and a Better Browsing Experience

By Stephan Ango · June 6, 2016

May was a big month at Lumi. We added hundreds of new product options — including blank supplies — to help you make the best choices for your brand. On top of that, we added some nifty new ways to browse all this new stuff. Here's a quick review of what happened in May.

Lumi Essentials

Essentials are a new lineup of unprinted packaging and supplies that complements your custom-branded packaging. There are 8 brand new product categories and many of our existing products have been updated with blank options. This effectively doubles the total selection of products offered on Lumi. As always, we're working factory-direct to provide the lowest prices and minimums in the industry.

This means that many businesses and projects can now build their entire packaging system within the Lumi Dashboard, saving you the headache of sourcing and reordering from a laundry list of vendors. If you can't find something you need, our Concierge service is here to help.

8 New Products

15 Updated Products

Previously these products were only available custom-printed. Now they are also available unprinted, some of them in a variety of stock colors.

Improving the Browsing Experience

With such a wealth of new products, we knew it would be important to help you browse the selection more effectively and understand the differences between all our options.


Finally! The search bar allows you to find products from the main navigation at any time.


Products are now broken down into categories that you can navigate to easily. Bags, Boxes, Mailers, Supplies, Signage, Tape, and Tools, are all available from the menu.

Product Specifications

Our product specifications have gotten a revamp with clearer details about exact material properties, recyclability, color options, country of origin, and more.

Pricing Tables

Many of our products are now available in large arrays of sizes. You can see a breakdown of the quantities and sizes available in the new pricing tables on product pages. This provides a clear view of the price breaks to help you optimize your budget. On products that have blank options, you can also toggle between blank and custom options to see the pricing of each.

Save to Your Dashboard

Your Dashboard is a no-commitment tool to build your dream packaging system. Any item you can buy on Lumi can now be saved via the "Save to Dashboard" button. This allows you to save products (both blank and customized) for purchase at a later date. If you are a designer, this is a powerful feature to collaborate with your team or client, building products for their approval.

Add Artwork within the Editor

You can now jump straight into the editor for any product and see the capabilities and pricing before uploading your artwork. This makes it much easier to see what's possible and swap out your artwork as you design your branded supplies.

Whew! We've got a lot in the pipeline, so tune in for the next installment of Release Notes! In the meantime, we'd love to hear what you think about all the new updates. We're just one tweet away.

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