Explore packaging structures with the new Styles library

November 9, 2020

Custom packaging allows for nearly infinite variation, but with that freedom comes the challenge of communicating the exact details of what you are looking to produce.

Not only is there a vast amount of technical packaging jargon, but the terms also vary by manufacturer, region and engineering software. This makes it difficult for everyone to share the same language.

Today we're excited to share the Packaging Styles library — a new way to navigate packaging vocabulary through a visual dictionary of Styles, Details and Standards:

  • Styles represent packaging structures that are identified by common names, typically representative of the manufacturing and assembly process for that structure.
  • Details are individual features of each packaging Style, which can be optional or have various configurations such as specific flaps and closures.
  • Standards are preset templates for each Style, with Details already configured. Standards only require your choice of dimensions on material type to be turned into a dieline. Packaging engineering software such as ArtiosCAD and Arden Impact are already loaded with these Standards as a starting point to create dielines.

With Styles and Details, you can now explore the tradeoffs between different options, and better communicate what you're looking for. We've also brought in searchable "also known as" names, to make it easier to find what you're looking for.

Product details

With Standards you can more quickly work with packaging engineers to get dielines that meet the exact specifications you need.

We started by focusing on the most popular styles of our most ordered product collections, Boxes. Do you have suggestions for what Styles we should add next? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Share feedback on Twitter or send us a suggestion.

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