Release Notes: Team Collaboration

October 31, 2018

Today we are launching our most requested feature to date! You can now invite your team to the Lumi Dashboard.

Before we jump into this amazing new world of collaboration, we've got a bonus tidbit to share. If you'd like to keep a close eye on all the improvements we are making to Lumi, you can now visit lumi.com/updates to see a condensed view of all our updates, including new features, product releases, and bug fixes — it will all be there. Now, back to the show.

Invite and manage your team 

There's a new Users section in the Settings of your Lumi Dashboard. From there you can invite your teammates to Lumi.

As you add users, you'll see pending invitations which you can resend or revoke. To enhance the security of your company account, email verification is now required for all users.

Once your team joins Lumi, you can edit user details as well as deactivate accounts. You can also track the last login date for any users on your team.

A foundation for more collaboration

With the launch of these multi-user features, your team can now collaborate on requesting quotes, placing orders, and tracking the status of your production, shipments, and invoices. 

Adding users to your Dashboard is free — there is no per-seat license. If you're at a larger company, you can invite your design team to help create the perfect unboxing experience, your operations team can make sure everything meets budgets and deadlines, and your accounting team can build projections based on historical numbers. 

This update sets the stage for many upcoming features that will enable your company to further collaborate on each phase of the development and delivery of your packaging. We're excited to continue making these workflows even better!

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