Introducing: The Essentials Collection

By Katelan Cunningham · May 18, 2016

Custom packaging is a lovely way to craft your brand image. We’ve been really excited to bring your logomarks and designs to everything from custom mailers to custom tissue paper, but while helping you put your brand mark on all the things, we noticed a gaping hole in our packaging offering was getting bigger and bigger. That hole was blank products.

Blank packaging materials offer extra versatility and space in your budget that custom products can’t always accommodate. That’s why we launched the Essentials Collection — a line of fundamental, blank packaging materials for your products. Some of our current products now have blank options while some of the Essentials are new products altogether. (Hello, hang tags!) We’re really excited about what this means for the potential of your brand.

 Introducing: The Essentials Collection  Introducing: The Essentials Collection

If, for example, you’re a small or medium brand that is shipping products in different size boxes, it may not be efficient to order those those boxes with custom printing. Maybe what you need is a series of blank boxes in different sizes with custom tape on all of them. Now you can do that, and you can do it with prices and minimums lower than Uline.

Lumi customers have already unleashed their rubber stamps on mailers, boxes, and paper, and when we realized we could get you the best pricing and low minimums on those materials, we couldn’t help ourselves. With blank packaging as part of your packaging system, you can scale your product offering much easier and faster. Whether your adding custom tape to blank boxes or stamping mailers as you go, we want to have everything you need for every stage of your business.

 Introducing: The Essentials Collection  Introducing: The Essentials Collection

Not only do these new Essentials make it easier to get all of your shipping needs in one place, but they open up a whole new world of aesthetic possibilities on Lumi. We love a statement, patterned tissue paper, but maybe your custom bags just need a splash of solid colored tissue instead. Try blank mailers with a strip of custom tape, banded around the center. Blank packaging options add breathing room to your custom pieces so you can better curate your unboxing experiences and use your logo in places where it will really stand out. 

And of course, we've brought our same easy ordering tools to the Essentials collection. From your dashboard, you’ll always be able to manage all of your shipping materials and add a new batch to your cart with a single click. No need to rebuild custom products or go to the home page to find your favorite Essentials. Just re-order and restock right from your dashboard and check packaging off your list. Easy peesy.

We can't wait to see what you can do with these Essentials in your packaging arsenal. Mix and match blank materials with custom goods and DIY tools to get exactly what you need to ship your product. Then take a photo and tag #madewithlumi so we can see your journey.

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