White Packing Tape That's Anything But Vanilla

By Katelan Cunningham · January 27, 2017

A lot of the custom packing tape that comes through our warehouse is white. White tape is clean and nearly seamless on white corrugate boxes. White is a stark background that really makes your logo pop, and it's a notable swatch in many brand identities. 

But for all that's good about white tape, can your brand really stand out by a using a packaging element that seems so familiar? You bet. We found some beautiful white tapes that, instead of being basic, are bold brand statements.

This roundup includes inspiration from some of our favorite companies and designers around the web. Unless specified, these designs are not made by Lumi.

Bold Patterns

Take your stroke weight up a notch and try a heavy pattern for tape that's a bit more brazen. You can try enlarging elements of your logo, or creating a whole new pattern to complement your branding. The hard corners on these designs are really strong, but rounded corners would be a fun way to soften things up.

Bubu by Bob Design, MIT Media Lab by Pentagram White Packing Tape That's Anything But Vanilla

Statement Logo

It's only obvious if you treat it that way. If the tone of your brand is stark and bold, go the Granum route, filling up most of your tape with hefty sans serifs. Even with a lighter logomark like Mi & Mall's, finding a balance between the ideal kerning and height will look just as strong.

 Granum byMax Arbuzov, Mi & Mall by Atipo White Packing Tape That's Anything But Vanilla

Vertical Layout

Go for a change of perspective. Flip your layout so that your tape design unrolls like a scroll. Vertical layouts give the option to add blocks of copy and play with your tape application.

Maud by Hampus Jageland, Hecker Guthrie by Cornwell White Packing Tape That's Anything But Vanilla

Patterned Line Work

Repeating strokes hint at a pattern without being too overbearing. The design by Hey uses the Estampaciones Fuerte logo, while the Fathom tape uses the thin blue lines which are recurring characters in their brand identity.

Fathom Architects by dn&co, Estampaciones Fuerte by Hey White Packing Tape That's Anything But Vanilla

Understated Logo

Maybe your brand is more laidback or low-key cool. In that case, be generous with your margins and try giving the white space just as much play as your logo. This is ideal if you're going for a look that's really clean without being plain.

Helix Sleep by High Tide, Akin by Alphabet White Packing Tape That's Anything But Vanilla

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