Case Study


Lumi streamlined the production of seasonal packaging for this iconic underwear subscription.

With Lumi, MeUndies was able to ramp up its exciting seasonal designs from once a year, to once every two months.

Creating a cohesive experience from online to offline.

Since their launch in 2011, MeUndies has sold millions of pairs of underwear through their direct-to-consumer site.

Unfortunately, their previous packaging supplier made it difficult to iterate on designs. 

Working directly with our global network of factories, Lumi reduced packaging costs for MeUndies by over 20% and helped speed up the creation of delightful new designs that bridge the gap between their online marketing and physical product.

“Our customers love the energy that we're bringing and that constant freshness.”

Jonathan Shokrian, founder of MeUndies shares his story on the Lumi podcast, Well Made.

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Every new design is an opportunity for MeUndies fans to share their excitement on Instagram.

With each new release, thousands of MeUndies subscribers share their love for the service. Lumi packaging is at the center of many of these images.

“One of the things we value most is how enthusiastic and flexible Lumi has been with our oftentimes crazy design ideas.”

Kellie Swanton, Director of Merchandising and Planning at MeUndies

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