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Parachute Home

Lumi makes Parachute's packaging more reliable and affordable so that everyone can sleep better.

Parachute Packaging Lineup by Lumi

Lumi produces Parachute's entire packaging suite including mailer boxes, drawstring bags, expandable envelopes, clear zip-top bags, tissue paper, and stickers.

Simple bedding for the modern home

Parachute is a fast-growing e‑commerce brand rethinking how you shop for linens.

As their product line expanded, order volumes grew and new logistical challenges emerged. Parachute needed a partner that could help them make better decisions around their packaging supply chain.

Lumi consolidated purchasing into a single place, cut down packaging costs, and is delivering reliable quality on all items.

Parachute Lifestyle 2

“I definitely wanted the brand to feel inspiring without being unattainable.”

Ariel Kaye, founder and CEO of Parachute Home shares her story on the Lumi podcast, Well Made.

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Improving reliability

Before using Lumi, Parachute’s boxes were unreliable. Sometimes the print was bold and crisp, and other times it was faint and blurry. 

Their new Lumi boxes deliver every time. Print quality and placement is consistent with their crisp white logo on corrugate. Now, the time they spent on packaging QC can go to their growing product offering.

Previous boxes
Lumi boxes
Parachute Ink
Parchute Unboxing

Reducing costs

In addition to reducing costs on every packaging component, we also cut down the cost of shipping to their customers.

Lightweight products like pillowcases were shipped in boxes which had high volumetric costs. To slim down, we helped Parachute switch to expandable mailer envelopes, reducing dimensional weight by 20%. The mailers also accommodate a wider range of products.

Making efficiency a priority

Parachute’s boxes were being made 2,200 miles away from their fulfillment center. To decrease carbon emissions and create a more efficient supply chain, we moved box production to a factory close to their fulfillment center, cutting down emissions by 95% and lowering freight costs. Their entire packaging program is now in the Lumi Dashboard, cutting down lengthy e-mail threads with disparate vendors.

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