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With Lumi, MeUndies has seen significant savings on their ever-changing pouch designs.

MeUndies became a Lumi member for significant savings and flexibility in their supply chain.

Every month, MeUndies launches new underwear designs, and packaging to match. Lumi enables MeUndies to drive rapid iteration and continual cost optimizations.


Unit cost savings

Since 2016, MeUndies has used Lumi to continually optimize unit costs for their iconic pouches. With transparent pricing, they know exactly what they’re paying for.


Domestic freight savings

Instead of relying exclusively on national carriers, MeUndies' operations team uses Lumi logistics management to leverage a larger, localized network and get the lowest rate on the last mile.

MeUndies Laminated Pouches
MeUndies Laminated Pouches
MeUndies Laminated Pouches

Sourcing from certified factories.

MeUndies had the exciting opportunity to produce Star Wars designs, but with it came with the challenge of producing within Disney's stringent guidelines. 

MeUndies used the force — aka Lumi Sourcing — to find factories that are certified to meet Disney's ethical sourcing guidelines. MeUndies shipped their Star Wars designs right on deadline.

MeUndies Star Wars
Hey! I circled spots where elements overlap in your design. This will cause more trapping in production. Would you like to add more space between them?
Thanks for the heads up! I'll update the dieline.

Optimizing designs for production.

Knowing the exact capabilities of each print process and factory, the Lumi prepress team identifies problem areas before they go to press. 

Each MeUndies design is reviewed, making note of any issues such as spots where overlapping colors could cause trapping. The proofing process occurs collaboratively through the platform.

“One of the things we value most is how enthusiastic and flexible Lumi has been with our oftentimes crazy design ideas.”

Kellie Swanton, Director of Merchandising and Planning at MeUndies

MeUndies Laminated Pouches

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