All your packaging in one Dashboard.

From sourcing to delivery, the Lumi Dashboard gives your team visibility and control over your packaging supply chain.

A bird's eye view of every SKU.

The Lumi Dashboard gives your team centralized access to every style of packaging your company uses.

Access pricing, specifications, proofs, and order history, in a single location.

Ordering is simple.

Help your operations team save time and avoid mistakes with our simple order process.

Lumi automatically matches each item with the right factory, so you can kick off manufacturing across multiple factories in a single step.

Your proofs are in the cloud.

Lumi securely stores production proofs in your dashboard so your design team can access them at any time.

Simplify your accounting.

Keep your accounting team happy with features that help you review, pay, and export all your invoices in one place.

Unlike traditional suppliers that keep paper files of your billing data, with Lumi your payments are encrypted.

All your deliveries at a glance.

Plan each shipment to your 3PL or warehouse and keep track of how many units are going to each location.

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