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Supplier collaboration made simple.

Get everyone on the same page.

Adding users to Lumi is easy, so your whole team can be aligned on what's happening with your supply chain. 

Thousands of suppliers are already on Lumi, and it's easy to onboard your existing vendors.


Bring your suppliers into a collaborative workspace

Lumi brings your packaging projects out of siloed emails, scattered spreadsheets, and into a collaborative online space. 

Preserve the historical context of your decisions, inline with the specs, dielines, and important files that were discussed.


Bring structure and consistency to your relationships

Quotes, dielines, artwork, POs, invoices, BOLs, proof of delivery, every file is organized by your suppliers in Lumi so you can always find important information.

On-demand services help you cut weeks off your launch timeline.

Lumi Experts are available on an hourly and per-project basis to help you get more done faster. All the outputs are accessible in Lumi, so you can always go back and reference previous work.

Packaging engineering
ISTA transit testing
Samples and prototyping
Managed RFP
Factory auditing
Palletization analysis

Keep track of status changes, messages, and important updates.

Stay on top of projects, production updatesshipments, and invoices with notifications that keep you and your team up to date.

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