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Simplify your purchasing workflow.

Consolidate your purchasing workflow.

With thousands of suppliers on Lumi, it's easy to purchase directly from the best factories, and get your order into production more quickly.

Multi vendor orders
Split shipments

Split shipments to multiple locations in a single order.

Distribute your order volume across multiple shipment locations and delivery deadlines. Complex delivery instructions become easy in Lumi's collaborative and intuitive interface.

Powerful workflow management.

Collaborate with drafts

Plan ahead by creating drafts for future orders, and collaborate with your team to prepare and approve order details.

Clone orders

Speed up your order process by cloning a previous order to replicate item details and split shipment requests.

Add custom PO numbers

Add a reference ID or custom PO number from your ERP or accounting system to keep your data matched up in Lumi.

Know how much is due, and when.

Your payment terms are tracked in Lumi giving you visibility and predictability on when each payment is due.

Lumi gives you transparency into the itemized, standardized list of every fee across every manufacturer, and analytics that enable you to study aggregate numbers across all your orders.

Payment terms

Review, pay, and export all your invoices in one place.

Invoices from every manufacturer are centralized in Lumi so you can find them all in a single location and standardized format. 

Simplify your accounting.

Flexible online payment

Issue batch payments to pay multiple invoice at once, or split your payment across multiple cards or bank accounts.

ACH transfer

Connect your bank account to Lumi to process manufacturer payments securely through the platform and avoid credit card fees.

Billing contacts

Export invoices to PDF for your records, and automatically email PDFs and payment receipts to your accounting department.

Payment security you can trust.

Lumi uses's secure payment infrastructure to route your payments to manufacturers, using your preferred credit card or bank account.

Secure transactions

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