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Real-time updates for every item.

Track the status of your production runs.

Get visibility into the status of all your packaging components. Each phase is tracked in Lumi with milestones and status updates as your order progresses.

Keep your team in the loop as production and shipping moves forward with notification preferences.

Track production
Quality standards

Standardize quality across suppliers.

Lumi offers standardized quality policies for every supplier you use. Our standards are open and use industry best practices, including Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) inspections.

These end-to-end quality management features enable an unparalleled 99.9% defect-free rate for buyers on Lumi.

Lumi raises the bar for quality control in packaging.

Request on-site QC

Additional levels of quality control can be requested for your production run. An inspector will visit the factory during your production run to ensure quality standards are met.

Issue reporting

Report defects directly in Lumi. We aggregate quality data across all members to generate scorecards for every factory that help you choose the best factories.

Issue resolution

Our team is here to help refund or remake production runs affected by quality issues. Root cause analysis reports provided by the manufacturer are available in Lumi to drive continuous improvement.


Ensure smooth deliveries with all your location data in one place.

Lumi goes beyond address data, helping you store delivery details for every location, including opening hours, receiving contacts, forklift access, and more.

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