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Get the best pricing directly from factories.

Compare quotes from manufacturers that best fit your needs.

Lumi identifies the best factories to produce your packaging, based on your targets for price, quality, lead time, specifications, geography, sustainability, and more.

With thousands of factories already on Lumi, you can accelerate your sourcing process and get access to the best 


Quoting packaging has never been more transparent.

Request quotes

Speed up your quoting process by leveraging detailed specifications data and pricing targets you set in Lumi.

See live bids

Access a global marketplace of factories on Lumi. Track the full pricing process as top manufacturers submit their quotes to you.

Compare apples to apples

Understand the tradeoffs of each option, by comparing the unbundled costs of tooling, production, freight, and fees.

Run a smarter RFP.

Save hundreds of hours hunting for the best prices. Lumi makes it easy to group similar SKUs and aggregate your needs in order to drive down prices and consolidate production.

Ground freight
Manufacturer base cost

Springfield, MS

Import duties
Sea freight
Manufacturer base cost

Guangzhou, China

Understand your fully landed costs.

Lumi is transforming the packaging industry by giving you full transparency into the base costs of each quote you receive, including a breakdown of every fee.

Analyze aggregate data across your entire packaging supply chain to drive broader sourcing initiatives.

Make an informed decision about every manufacturer you use.

Easily compare how factories have performed historically with orders placed on Lumi. Compare lead time, distance, quality, and delivery speed for each manufacturer.

Best Match
Lead time
Distance from your location
Quality control rating
On-time delivery
Units produced

Work with factories that match your priorities.

Choose factories that match your sustainability and labor priorities. Supplier profiles give you deep insight into each factory's performance, certifications, and capabilities, to reduce risks with any new production.

Take control of your packaging supply chain.

See true base costs

Don't leave sourcing choices to distributors and brokers with opaque margins. Lumi shows you the true factory-direct pricing, so you know what you are paying for.

Make sustainable choices

Prioritize factories that meet your environmental goals, such as chain of custody certifications, renewable energy sources, reducing transit emissions, and more.

Request audits

Get an in-depth audit of any factory including working conditions, hygiene, QC procedures, capacity, and product quality.


Build resiliency into your supply chain with backup factories.

Make your supply chain more resilient to unexpected events such as tariff increases or climate events by choosing backups in Lumi.

Split manufacturing across multiple factories with equivalent production capabilities to service your distribution centers in different geographies.

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