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How to generate a Lumi ID

A Lumi ID gives you the ability to share information about your packaging throughout your entire supply chain.


Lumi ID is a digital identification tool that answers a myriad of questions about your packaging with a single QR code. Each packaging profile is tied to verified specifications and manufacturing data that gives your customers transparency into how your packaging is made. You can also integrate Lumi ID with your inventory management system

You can generate a Lumi ID for any item that you order through Lumi.

Choose an item

Go to the Items view and select the item you want an ID for.

An Item is one piece of packaging with set dimensions, design, and material specs.

Create a Lumi ID

Go to the Lumi ID tab and select Create Lumi ID.

Add a QR code to your packaging design

To add the QR code to a packaging design, Download SVG.

Edit your Public Profile

You have the option to customize your Public Profile. Customers will see the information in your Public Profile at the top of all your Lumi ID pages. 

To customize your Public Profile, click on your avatar and select Public Profile from the dropdown.

Here, you can share your company's sustainability mission, and choose a call to action for a page on your own website. 

Share a Lumi ID page

Use the Item Page URL to share the Lumi ID page directly.