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If you're looking to create advanced designs on packaging, you'll need to use a dieline file. Need a custom size dieline? Start a project.

A dieline is a special template that contains the exact dimensions of the product. Dielines also show cut lines, fold lines and glue flaps The following PDF files are formatted for use with Adobe Illustrator. Learn how to use Lumi dielines with our step-by-step guide.

Compostable Poly Mailers
Expandable Kraft Mailers
Fabric Drawstring Bags
Flexible Kraft Mailers
Gummed Paper Tape
Hard Shell Poly Bubble Mailers
Masking Tape
Packing Tape
Peel and Seal Bags
Poly Mailers
Reinforced Expandable Kraft Mailers
Reinforced Flexible Kraft Mailers
Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape
Rigid Kraft Mailers
Soft Shell Poly Bubble Mailers
Zip Top Bags