What dates are affected by holiday delays?

When planning your order, consider holidays which may cause unexpected delays. The lead times published in our Catalog and Delivery Schedule take into account delays caused by the holidays listed below.

If your product is manufactured abroad, consider that some ports and customs offices are closed during holidays, which may add to the delay.

United States

  • New Year’s Day: January 1
  • Memorial Day: last Monday of May
  • Independence Day: July 4
  • Labor Day: 1st Monday of September
  • Thanksgiving Day: fourth Thursday of November
  • Christmas Eve: December 24
  • Christmas Day: December 25


  • Chinese New Year: January 22 – February 22
  • Tomb Sweeping Day: April 5 – 8
  • Labor Day: April 29 – May 1
  • Dragon Boat Festival: June 7
  • Mid-Autumn Festival: September 13
  • Golden Week: October 1 – 7
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