How do I use Lumi Analytics?

The Analytics view gives you quantifiable insights about your packaging supply chain.

There are three insightful and interactive reports that help you visualize your packaging by product, shipping location, and spending category. For each report, you can choose the timespan and aggregations (e.g. monthly, quarterly or yearly) that you want to study.

Orders by product

This view slices your order patterns by product category. You can break down your spending by volume (quantity of units) or by order count.

Use this report to discover strong seasonal patterns, project your needs based on historical data, and isolate data on a single product or subset of products.

Shipments by location

Shipping analytics help you understand how units are being distributed across your locations. At a glance, you’ll have a better understanding of packaging consumption across your warehouses, 3PLs, or distribution centers over time. 

Invoices by spending category

While the Orders report is based on the time orders are created, the Invoice report is based on the time the invoices are paid. 

This report segments your spending by line item type, helping you assess the relative spending on products, shipping, tooling, and more.

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