How do I use quote filters?

Applying filters to the Quotes view hides quotes from the list, allowing you to focus on comparing the right quotes against each other.

Quote status: Show or hide any quotes that match the following statuses:

  • Quoting: The manufacturer has been identified as a candidate but has not provided a quote yet.
  • Ready: A quote has been provided by the manufacturer and needs a response from your team. Quotes automatically expire once they reach the expiration date (typically 30 days).
  • Request declined: The manufacturer has declined to quote on your request. 
  • Rejected: Your team has rejected this quote.
  • Accepted: Your team has accepted this quote.
  • Show expired quotes: Quotes that have expired drop out of view by default. Toggle this on to see them.

Maximum lead time: Show or hide any quotes within the lead time you specify.

Product category: Show or hide quotes that match specific product categories.

Quote request: Show or hide quotes that match specific quote requests.

Adding filters to the quotes view also creates a unique URL that you can share with other members of your team.

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