Where is my order?

You can track the progress of your order by going to the Production view of Lumi. Each item you order goes through the following steps:

  1. Scheduling: This phase is all about preparing for production. It entails proofing, scheduling your production runs in the queue, and working out the exact equipment that will be used.
  2. In production: The manufacturer is producing your order — hooray! This phase entails purchasing materials, creating tooling, and producing your items. 
  3. In transit: Production on at least a portion of your order is complete and on its way. If the order is split into multiple shipments, it’s possible that some of your units will be in transit while others are still at the factory, being produced or awaiting pickup. As long as some of your items are in transit, that item is “In transit”.
  4. Complete: Your manufacturer has shipped all of your items and they’ve been delivered.

In many cases, the number of items produced won’t be the exact number of items that you ordered (learn more about overs and unders). The Units Produced column lets you know exactly how many units to expect from the factory. After they’re produced, use the Units Shipped column to track how many have left the factory floor en route to you. You can expect them to arrive by the Estimated Delivery. If you see a range of dates in Estimated Delivery, that means your order has been split up and will deliver in installments during that window. 

As soon as your order ships, a shipping notification will be sent to the email associated with your account. You can also see all Shipments associated with your account by going to the Shipments view.

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