What are overs and unders?

Overs and unders are the number of units that were overproduced or underproduced compared to an item’s ordered quantity. When ordering via Lumi, you can expect a variance of up to 10% above or below the ordered quantity.

Overs and unders are standard for quality control in custom manufacturing. Because the equipment used in most factories moves so rapidly, the manufacturer will typically purchase excess material to account for units used during machine setup, or units that were rejected because they don’t meet quality standards.

The manufacturer will use all of the material that they set aside for your order, so if they produce any extra units (overs), you will receive and be charged for the additional quantity. Our terms of service allow for up to 10% overproduction. These units are invoiced separately once we know the final quantity.

Occasionally, you may see up to 10% underproduction of your order (unders), in which case you will be refunded for the difference.

Learn more about overs and unders in this article and video on our blog.

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