Why do international deliveries take longer to ship to the East Coast of the U.S. than the West Coast?

The Port of Los Angeles is often one of the first U.S. stops on the way from Asia. To get to New York from there, ships go south, through the Panama Canal, and up the coast, making the Port of New York and New Jersey one of the last stops. 

Although Florida is technically closer to the Panama Canal than New York, the ships traveling to Florida take more stops than those traveling to New York—think local vs. express trains. Often, our logistics team may choose to ship your items through a different port (Los Angeles or New York and New Jersey) and truck orders to Florida, because it’s that much faster.

Most container ships traveling from Asia to the East Coast of the U.S. travels through the Panama Canal, and it only allows one ship through at a time—you can watch a livestream on their site. Maybe you’ll see the container that holds your order!

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