What is the Dashboard?

The Dashboard is your logged-in experience of Lumi.com — it allows you to manage your saved items, reorder items, request quotes, view order history and track shipments.

You must be signed in to access your Dashboard. Once you are signed in, visit lumi.com and you will be automatically forwarded to your Dashboard.

What is an "item" in my Dashboard?

An “item” is what we call a specific product with your particular specifications such as the size, color and design. Whenever you order a product from Lumi, it is saved as an item in your Dashboard. This makes it easy to reorder items that you have previously purchased.

How do I add an item to my Dashboard?

There are three ways to add items to your Items view in the Lumi dashboard:

  • Clicking “Add an item” in your Dashboard.
  • Purchasing a product from the Shop will automatically add it to your Items view.
  • You can also save products from the Shop without purchasing them. First, select a product from the Shop and click “Buy now.” Once in the customization screen, you can click ”Save to Dashboard” button in the bottom left corner. The item will then appear in your Items view.

How do I remove an item from my Dashboard?

You can remove an item by clicking the ”Archive” button. This will remove it from the main view but it will still be accessible in the Archived view of your items.