How do I format my design for Lumi?

Follow our Formatting Guide to learn how to prepare your designs before uploading them to Lumi.

Do you provide dielines for your products?

Yes! You can find our standard dielines here. You can also request a custom dieline by using the request a quote form. We recommend using the latest version of Adobe Illustrator to add your artwork to the dieline.

I placed my order, but realized my file is wrong. What can I do?

Contact us as soon as possible. We start on orders as soon as they’re placed. Once we have started manufacturing your order, you won’t be able to change the design.

Do you offer design services?

We can not design your logo or branding, but we can help with some structural packaging design. If you need help creating a dieline for your project, contact us. For more advanced branding and structural design services, see our list of resources below. They are roughly organized from low to high budget options.

My design isn't uploading to the Editor correctly. What do I do?

First, read our Formatting Guide. Here are some common mishaps to look out for:  

  • Your graphic should be black and white without any color gradients. 
  • If you are working with a vector file (.ai, .svg, .eps), your design is probably not outlined correctly, follow the outlining instructions in the Formatting Guide.
  • If you are using a pixel file (.jpeg, .png, .gif) make sure your file is at least 300 dpi.
  • If you’re uploading a .pdf and having issues, try saving it as a .jpeg and upload it again.

Still not working? Contact us with your file and we’ll help!

My Editor preview doesn't match my original file. Why?

Reference our Formatting Guide. If you’re still having trouble, contact us with your file and we’ll take a look.

Don’t place your order until you’re happy with your product preview. This is the file we will use to make your order.

When I upload my vector file, the font changes in the Editor preview.

This happens when your fonts are not expanded to outlines. Please see our Formatting Guide for step-by-step instructions on outlining fonts.

Can I place my logo somewhere other than what I see in the Editor?

Yes. Download the dieline for your product and add your design in Adobe Illustrator or your preferred vector editing tool. When you are finished, request a quote to submit your dieline. 

Can I use multi-color designs?

It depends on the product. Request a quote with your design and we’ll let you know what’s possible. Right now, our Editor is only able to accept single-color designs.

Do you offer Pantone color matching?

It depends on the product. Most of the products in our Shop offer Pantone matching directly in the Editor. Click the “Custom” button in the color palette to choose your PMS color.

You can also request a quote and provide your PMS color preferences in the form.

In the Editor, does the "Artwork Size" include the background or artboard from my original file?

No. We do not preserve any size information from your original file. Our Editor only uses the size of the art, not the artboard, or background from your file. To size your design, use the “Artwork Size” slider in the Editor. 

We will never change the aspect ratio of your file.

My design file is sized the way I want it, do I need to re-enter the size when ordering?

Yes. The Lumi Editor does not preserve the size information from your original file. You will need to use the “Artwork Size” slider to select the size you want for your design. 

When I upload a design, who owns the rights?

Designs uploaded to Lumi remain the property of their original creators. That means that you must have the rights to any design you upload to Lumi.

By the nature of our service, you also grant Lumi a license to use your design to manufacture the products you ordered. Note that Lumi also reserves the right to use anything submitted to Lumi to promote the site. Please read our Terms of Service for more detail.

What kinds of designs can't be uploaded to Lumi?

Only upload designs that you hold all necessary rights to. We do not accept violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive images. Please read our Terms of Service for more detail.

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