What is an "item" in Lumi?

An “item” is similar to a SKU (stock keeping unit). It’s a single component that you can order and it has all the specifications and instructions a supplier needs to manufacture, like the dimensions, materials, printing options, and production-ready files.

Items make it easy to manage specifications and create orders without having to reenter that information. You can find all of your items in your Items view.

How do I add an item to Lumi?

To add items to your Items view in Lumi, start by requesting a quote. You can create a new quote request in one of two ways:

  • Browse the Product Catalog and click Request a quote on the product page of your choice
  • Go to your Items view and click Add new item > Request a quote

After you’ve submitted a request, manufacturers will submit quotes, which you can see in the Quotes view. When you accept a quote, it will be turned into an Item in Lumi

Items can also be created by the Lumi team on your behalf via the following services:

How do I remove an item from Lumi?

You can remove an item by clicking the “Archive” button. This will remove it from the main view but it will still be accessible in the Archived view of your items.

How do I format my design for Lumi?

Follow our Dielines Guide to learn how to prepare your designs before uploading them to Lumi.

When I upload a design, who owns the rights?

Designs uploaded to Lumi remain the property of their original creators. That means that you must have the rights to any design you upload to Lumi.

By the nature of our service, you also grant Lumi a license to use your design to manufacture the products you ordered. Note that Lumi also reserves the right to use anything submitted to Lumi to promote the site. Please read our Terms of Service for more detail.

What kinds of designs can't be uploaded to Lumi?

Only upload designs that you hold all necessary rights to. We do not accept violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive images. Please read our Terms of Service for more detail.

What is a proof?

A proof is an agreement between you and Lumi confirming the design and specifications of your item before it enters production. If anything is missing or not correctly represented on the proof, let us know, otherwise you may not be eligible for a refund/remake if the product does not meet your expectations. Please review the steps of a thorough proof approval.

Proofs at Lumi are always provided digitally. The digital proof looks similar to a dieline, but is formatted for manufacturing. Manufacturing will not begin until you approve your proof. All lead times on the Lumi website account for a 24-hour approval process. If it takes longer than 24 hours to approve your proof, your estimated delivery date may be delayed.

Will I get a proof for my order?

It depends on the product. A digital proof is provided for all custom-manufactured items that are quoted through our quoting process.

Please review the steps of a thorough proof approval. We will not refund products manufactured correctly according to the proof. We will not cancel orders after you approve the proof.

How do I approve or reject a proof?

When a proof is up for review, certain members of your team will receive an email notification with a link to the proof that needs review. You can also access the proof by clicking on the document link in the Proof section of the Item page. Once on the page, review the artwork, specification, and notes carefully before taking any action. Please review the steps of a thorough proof approval.

To approve the proof, click “Approve,” review the specification and notes once more, scroll to the bottom of the modal, check “Confirm approval,” and click “Approve.”

To reject the proof, click “Reject,” select the reasons for rejecting the proof, enter a note about what needs to be changed, and then click “Reject.”

In both cases, the date, time, and user taking these actions will be recorded for reference.

What if I approve a proof and then I want to change something?

Proofing is typically the final step taken before an order goes to production. Once you approve a proof it may be too late to make any changes to the artwork; contact us as soon as possible.

Please review the steps of a thorough proof approval.

Purchasing has been disabled for an item I want to order. How do I get purchasing enabled?

If purchasing is disabled on an item, it’s because the item’s information is incomplete. Typically, the pricing is expired, proofing is not complete, or there are details missing about the design or specs. To get purchasing enabled, reach out to your account manager.