How do I join Lumi?

For brands and retailers looking to buy packaging:

If you are looking to partner with Lumi, or buy on the behalf of a client:

Is Lumi available in my country?

Lumi offers manufacturing capabilities in a growing number of countries across North America, Europe and Asia. Lumi also offers international freight shipping to most countries by air and by ocean.

If you are interested in using Lumi, apply for an account and tell us about your needs.

As an agency, can I place orders on behalf of my client?

Yes, however you will need your client to invite you to their Lumi account, and give you permission to do so. Each client you work with will need a separate Lumi account. Learn more about setting up your clients on Lumi.

Do you offer design services?

Lumi does offer Packaging Engineering services encompassing the creation of custom dielines, structural packaging engineering, prepress, prototyping, ISTA testing and more.

Lumi does not offer logo design, graphic design or branding services. You will need to work with a designer knowledgeable with vector artwork to create your design on packaging dielines. Below are a few resources that we recommend to help you with branding and graphic design. These are roughly organized from low to high budget options:

What is Lumi Evaluation?

Evaluation gives your team free access to Lumi for a limited period of time, so you can see if it’s a good fit for your needs. You can get access by contacting our sales team.

During your Evaluation, you’ll have access to Lumi and be able to request quotes from factories in the Lumi Network. 

The pricing you receive during your Evaluation has the same radical transparency as we offer to Members, giving you full visibility on your packaging costs including the base cost, markup, tooling, and freight.

Are there any costs involved in Lumi Evaluation?

Lumi Evaluation is free! You’ll get access to the platform, quotes from the Lumi Network, and packaging advice. Some services are available during Evaluation for an added cost.

What happens if I don’t want to become a member after Evaluation?

The Evaluation is a cost-free and risk-free process. You can sign on as a member after your Evaluation ends, but the sooner you decide to become a member, the faster the transition to membership will be. 

If you choose to move forward with membership, your current packaging needs and up-to-date quotes will be ready for ordering. If you decide not to proceed with membership, you’ll have a better understanding of the capabilities of Lumi, plus an accurate understanding of how your current packaging costs measure up against the broader market.

Can I place an order during the Evaluation?

You cannot submit an order until you sign the subscription agreement to join the Lumi Membership. Manufacturers in the Lumi Network only accept orders from members.

If your Evaluation is in progress and you would like to join Membership sooner than expected, contact your Lumi team to finalize your subscription agreement and you’ll be provided immediate access to the full Lumi platform.

Why does Lumi need so much information for Evaluation?

We use a holistic, long-term approach for your packaging supply chain. Before quoting, it’s important that we take the time to gather information about the geography of your supply chain, your spending patterns, and your company’s priorities. All of these data points help us to optimize your supply chain and determine which manufacturers we quote with.

In the packaging industry, the average manufacturer loses nine out of ten opportunities that they quote. Being a reliable, precise partner to our manufacturing network builds trust to ensure more aggressive pricing and higher quality work. 

During Evaluation, can I get packaging engineering help?

Lumi Expert Services are reserved for members so you’ll need to join the membership to use packaging engineering. However, your account manager may consult with our in-house experts during the evaluation to ensure manufacturers have everything needed to provide you the most accurate quotes and feedback.

How do I upgrade tiers as a Lumi member?

You can upgrade to a higher tier at any time by committing to a larger annual packaging spend. As soon as you upgrade, you will have the lower fees applied to every order throughout the rest of your annual contract. Your annual contract start and end dates will not change.

How do I set up my client on Lumi?

3PLs, agencies, consultants, contractors and other third parties can be added to Lumi as users. If you are involved in packaging design, packaging engineering, graphic design or branding for a client, follow the steps below to get them started on Lumi.

The first step is to ask your client to sign up for an account on the Join Lumi page. Your client will need to enter information about their company and accept our terms of service so that they can receive quotes that match their needs.

Once your client has an account, they will be able to add you as a user to participate in packaging projects, design approvals and other workflows.