Can I get samples of your products?

Yes. We send samples as part of our pricing process. Please fill out a quote request to tell us about your needs.

If you want a one-off product printed with your design, we can produce a digitally-printed prototype. These are made at cost. Contact for prototype requests.

Can I order lower minimums than what’s listed?

Probably not. We offer the lowest possible minimums for every given manufacturing process. If you’re looking for lower quantities, contact us. We may be able recommend an alternative, lower quantity solution for you. 

How sustainable are your products?

We aim to provide the most sustainable packaging on the market. That’s why many of our products are made from a majority of recycled materials and are recyclable.

But sustainability is more complicated than recyclability. To understand the full environment impact of our packaging, we consider materials, manufacturing, dimensions, transit, and recyclability.

Contact us or request a quote if you would like advice and pricing on sustainable packaging options.

Manufacturing: We select factory partners that use sustainable practices and renewable resources. 

Transit: We cut down carbon emissions by matching each job with the closest possible factory. By reducing the travel distance we also reduce freight time and costs. Our factory network covers 45 U.S. states, plus China and Taiwan, enabling us to greatly reduce travel distances.

Materials: Our papers and plastics are made from high percentages of recycled content. You can find details on each product page. We frequently update the site with additional details to increase transparency.

Recyclability: If recyclability is paramount, we suggest corrugated and paper products. Plastic recyclability varies from city to city, but paper and corrugated materials are more widely accepted. 

Dimensions: The smaller/lighter your packaging, the more efficient it is. For example, shipping in envelop mailers rather than boxes can lower your ecological footprint (and shipping costs) by taking up less space in transit. For efficient, lightweight shipping, opt for the least amount of packaging you need to ship safely.

Where are Lumi products made?

We have a growing network of factory partners around the world and aim to produce all items as close as possible to the delivery destination. You can find the origin for each of our stock products on its detail page. For items that are custom quoted, we can offer multiple options depending on your geographical preferences.

Do you match pricing from other suppliers?

We always try to match or beat the price of other sellers. Request a quote providing your current pricing along with detailed specifications. Note that we can only match pricing for identical products, meaning same quantity and same specifications. 

Are your packaging products food safe?

Our butcher paperzip top bags, and clear peel and seal bags are FDA compliant. Note: custom butcher paper is only food safe on the non-printed side.

We don’t recommend that food make direct contact with mailers or boxes. Use an FDA compliant product to keep your food from coming in contact with the exterior packaging.

Can I resell your products?

Yes. Once you buy them, there are no limitations on reselling our products. Our price breaks are quantity-based, we do not offer additional reseller discounts or distributor pricing.

What does white or light-colored ink look like on brown kraft?

We use flexographic printing on most of our kraft paper products. It is difficult to achieve bright white on kraft paper using this method. The ink will be semi-translucent, allowing the brown kraft background to show through slightly. The image below shows a closeup of the result. 

If you are looking for bright white or light-colored printing on kraft we recommend using foil stamping which requires a custom quote. You can also request samples to see the options in person. If you have any questions, please contact us.

What is your return policy?

Please read our Policies in full, which cover returns, refunds and limitations on manufacturing quality.

We only accept returns for stock (non-custom) products. Contact us within 2 business days of delivery to request a return. After we receive your return, we will credit your Lumi account balance for the cost of your order minus shipping and a 15% restocking fee. Product must be in new, unused condition.

Before your purchase, review your order carefully and be sure you understand the limitations of our manufacturing processes. Before submitting an order, verify that all order details are completely accurate. If we make a product error or it arrives damaged, contact us right away and we will remake or refund the full or partial order. These orders must be sent back to us before we process remakes or refunds.

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