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Product Photographer

Los Angeles, CA

Capture consistent, pristine product photos for our growing catalog and customer dashboards.

About Lumi

Lumi helps ecommerce brands produce memorable and sustainable packaging through our online platform and global marketplace of suppliers. Tens of millions of packaging items are produced every year by companies that use Lumi.

By joining Lumi you will have a front row seat to the rapidly changing way people buy things, and the supply chain behind everything that gets shipped to your doorstep. Learn more →

About the role

As a Product Photographer, you will photograph products in a studio setting, using strobe lights on a white seamless. You'll follow our brand photo guidelines and bring extreme attention to detail with an eye for consistency in lighting and composition. 

You'll come in to shoot in our studio for 4 or 8 hour sessions 1-4 times a month*. We’ll have a shot list for you with setup and other instructions. Your photos will primarily live on our product pages to show the texture, construction, and function of the product. Occasionally, we may use the images on social media. In our photography, details are really important as we try to bring the products to life for customers and help them really understand the product before ordering.

You’ll work closely with the design team to keep up with photo volumes, and be diligent with file naming and organizational structures to maintain easy communication with our photo editor and keep our photo library running smoothly for easy team access.

* Our office is social-distance friendly! Our team is remote, so you will be one of only a few people in the office.

What you'll do

  • Set up consistent lighting for each product.
  • Keep the photo workflow up to date.
  • Manage your own workflow to keep up with scheduled deadlines.
  • Keep products in photo studio organized with a clear in/out flow.
  • Keep photo equipment organized. 

About you

  • 1+ years experience with product photography in a studio setting
  • Experience with Canon DSLRs, studio lighting, and equipment
  • Familiarity with CaptureOne preferred
  • Diligent organization skills
  • Photo editing experience preferred, color and/or retouching 
  • Skilled at working independently
  • Proficiency with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop preferred 
  • Excellent time management

What we look for

Our team is made up of people from diverse backgrounds, often working remotely across the world. We believe cross-pollination is one of the best ways to foster community and new ideas. For that reason we encourage people from all backgrounds to apply to any of our positions.

Creating a great environment for everyone on the team is something we care deeply about. There are a few qualities we look for in anyone joining Lumi. Here are some of the questions we'll be asking ourselves when reviewing your application:

  • Curiosity: Your role will evolve as time goes on. Do you have an eagerness to learn new skills, adapt to new situations and get out of your comfort zone?
  • Communication: Whether it is in written or spoken form, are you able to communicate clearly and concisely with others?
  • Empathy: Do you collaborate well with others? How do you deal with disagreements? Do you relate to the challenges we seek to solve for our customers?
  • Work ethic: Do you have a can-do attitude? In the ever-moving world of supply chain, will you do your best to not keep others waiting? Can we rely on you to bring rigor and enthusiasm necessary to your work?
  • Good taste: Are you attentive to details? Do you care about creating an elegant, pleasant experience for customers and those around you?

Note that due to the volume of applications we are not able to reply to everyone. Rest assured, we do read every application. Thanks for considering us!