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Uses Lumi to improve costs and quality control for rapid growth.


Uses Lumi to streamline production of its ever-changing, iconic pouch designs.

Frequently asked questions

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Lumi reduces your total costs of packaging and supply chain management in several ways:

  • Lumi enables your company to access manufacturer-direct rates, backed by the volume and negotiating power of our membership base. This can help your company save up to 50% on the total costs of packaging and supply chain management.
  • Manufacturer selection matches your needs to the best factories, speeding up your sourcing process, and reducing hidden costs such as long-distance freight and quality errors.
  • The Lumi platform helps you recover hundreds of hours of employee time each year spent managing packaging and vendor relations.

Lumi helps you find and work with factories that cover all the packaging, collateral and print needs of most ecommerce companies. Browse the catalog to discover more about the products, processes and materials offered by manufacturers on Lumi.

We also offer sourcing services to help you access specialty products, and manufacturing processes that go beyond our standard options.

Yes! Lumi brings together the best practices, tools and data to help you make meaningful progress on sustainability. You can learn more about our approach to sustainability through our sustainability properties framework and articles on our blog.

Lumi approaches sustainability from a data-driven perspective, helping your company establish priorities that fit your needs across the materials, manufacturing, distribution and recovery of the products you choose to manufacture.

Our sourcing tools help you narrow down manufacturing options that meet your targeted certifications and standards. Lumi is committed to continually providing more transparency into the sustainability of your supply chain.

Lumi offers access to factories around the world, and logistics capabilities which enable you to ship packaging to almost any country.

Lumi offers comprehensive quality assurance and quality control capabilities:

  • Data-driven sourcing tools help you derisk potential quality issues in your supply chain, by helping you choose manufacturers based on quality metrics and audit data.
  • Prototyping capabilities help you see state-of-the-art prototypes of your packaging to avoid potential issues with your design.
  • Prepress capabilities vary by factory and include color drawdowns, pre-production samples, top of production samples, digital press checks and in-person press checks.
  • Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) policies are standardized and available for every product
  • Once you start placing orders, actual production data becomes available in Lumi, allowing you to report quality errors and drive continuous improvements.

Each supplier on Lumi has minimum order quantities that vary depending on the product and manufacturing process. For most products the minimums start between 1,000 and 10,000 units.

Lumi also offers prototyping capabilities that allow you to manufacture single units of packaging for testing and photography purposes. Note that prototypes are usually produced via digital processes that may not always reflect the exact results that you will see in mass production.