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Byproduct of sugarcane, often mixed with bamboo pulp to create a moldable pulp

What is Bagasse?

Bagasse is the dry, fibrous material left over after the production of sugarcane. Think of it as the original housing of all that sugar we eat. The bagasse fibers are mixed in a slurry of hot water and formed in the same way as the traditional molded pulp that makes up egg cartons. Usually, it's combined with bamboo pulp to create a smooth finish Bagasse is curbside recyclable, compostable, and we particularly love that it taps into an existing agricultural waste stream so it requires no new, raw materials. Bagasse, as with other alternatives to tree-based papers, requires less chemical processing than tree-based pulp since no bleach is used to process out lignin from tree fibers.

Examples of items that use Bagasse