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Polyvinyl Chloride

A durable, rigid plastic
Also known as
polyvinyl chloride, Vinyl

What is Polyvinyl Chloride?

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is best known for its rugged durability, making it a common choice for all-weather applications like flooring and roofing. In packaging, it's used for its rigidity and durability. It's a thermoplastic which means it melts when heated to a certain temperature. This makes it a viable option for injection molding.

PVC has gotten pushback because it it emits harmful chemicals through its entire lifecycle, from manufacturing to disposal. PVC contains chemicals including phalates and chlorine which can cause issues for human health and the atmosphere.

Why choose it?

  • Good resistance to chemicals
  • Hard and durable
  • Tolerant in extreme cold or heat

Why not choose it?

  • Known to emit chemicals like chlorine and phalates throughout its lifecycle
  • Not accepted for recycling in most cities
  • Clear PVC can have a slight tint
  • Can degrade with prolonged exposure to UV rays
  • Derived from fossil fuels