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PVC Film

Lightweight, durable plastic produced in film or rigid form. Can be nearly clear.
Also known as
polyvinyl chloride, Vinyl

What is PVC Film?

PVC is often used to make tape that’s used in extreme temperatures, such as cold storage facilities because it performs better than the alternative for poly packing tape, PP, or polypropylene. Otherwise, we recommend avoiding PVC because it contaminates humans and the environment throughout its lifecycle — from manufacturing to disposal — because it’s made using hazardous chemicals and carcinogenic additives.

Why choose it?

  • Excellent tensile strength, hardness, and durability

  • For tape applications, PVC performs better than PP in extreme temperatures such as cold storage facilities

  • Wide range of finishes, like clear, transparent colors, holographic, and matte

  • Can be stitched, so it can be used as a fabric alternative

Why not choose it?

  • Not recyclable, so often ends up in landfills

  • Shelf life for PVC tape is much shorter than PP. Depending on the environment, it can begin to yellow within months

  • PVC contains phthalates to make it flexible. Phthalates are known carcinogens, and they can leach into the surrounding environment throughout the manufacturing lifecycle.