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Sugarcane plastic

Made from ethanol derived from sugarcane.

What is Sugarcane plastic?

Sugarcane is a renewable resource, unlike fossil fuels. Sugarcane also captures carbon from the air while it’s growing, but it has some downsides in its high demand for water.

There are material limitations for sugarcane-based plastic which means that it often requires the addition of some fossil fuel-based plastic.

Like any bioplastics, sugarcane-based plastic can be confusing for consumers when it's time to decide which bin to toss it in. Sugarcane based plastics are not often compostable, but they may be recyclable. Check with your supplier to find out the resin code (recycling code) that your sugarcane based plastic fits into before adding recycling messaging to your packaging.

Why choose it?

  • Sugarcane is a renewable resource, unlike fossil fuels.
  • Sugarcane-based plastics may be recyclable.

Why not choose it?

  • Sugarcane requires a lot of water to grow.
  • Sugarcane-based plastic usually requires the addition of fossil fuel based plastic.
  • Sugarcane-based plastic are not typically compostable.

Examples of items that use Sugarcane plastic