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Tissue Paper

Thin translucent paper, available in a wide variety of colors.

What is Tissue Paper?

Tissue paper is known as a thin, semi-transparent layer for wrapping and void fill. While it is made out of recycled fibers, it is not recyclable itself — the fibers in tissue paper are too short to go through the recycling process again. A stronger alternative to tissue paper is kraft paper, but you lose out on the stock color options, light weight, and translucency.

Why choose it?

Why not choose it?

  • While it won’t be turned away from recycling, tissue paper’s recycled fibers are at the end of their lifecycle and they are too short to be recycled into new paper.

  • Tissue only provides light padding, so you’ll need a lot of it to provide reliable cushion for breakable products.

Examples of items that use Tissue Paper