Press Release • September 23, 2021

Lumi Marketplace opens to suppliers in 150 countries

Los Angeles, California — Lumi, the leading US marketplace for packaging and print products, today announced that it is opening Lumi Marketplace to suppliers globally, with support for payouts in 150 countries.

Manufacturers across the world can now make their capabilities available directly to buyers in North America.

Stephan Ango, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Lumi, said: "As ecommerce brands in the US continue to accelerate their growth, they are increasingly looking to partner with suppliers across Europe and Asia to offer their products in new markets, and strengthen their supply chains. By opening the Lumi Marketplace to suppliers worldwide, we're excited to give our tools even greater reach."

About Lumi

Lumi is a digital marketplace that gives manufacturers the ability to make their capabilities available online, directly to customers, with a streamlined interface and messaging capabilities that revolutionize procurement. Buyers in the fast-growing ecommerce industry use Lumi software to find and collaborate directly with suppliers globally.

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