Press Release • January 27, 2021

Lumi introduces Lumi Marketplace, a new way for packaging manufacturers to make their capabilities available online

Los Angeles, California — Lumi today announced that it is opening the first public version of its new Lumi Marketplace platform, which enables packaging manufacturers to make their capabilities available online, directly to customers, with a streamlined interface and modern messaging capabilities. 

How it works

Lumi Marketplace simplifies packaging procurement by making it faster and more convenient for brands to find factories, request quotes, place orders, make payments, and track progress.

Manufacturers can use Lumi Marketplace to offer information about their facilities in a standardized format, including manufacturing capabilities, minimum quantities, lead times, certifications, sustainability facts, and other data points that make it effortless for customers to find them. Customers can explore the new Lumi Supplier Search tools to find the right partner.

Manufacturers connect directly to Lumi's payment and order management infrastructure which has been used by thousands of businesses to facilitate large B2B transactions for custom-manufactured products.

Lumi Marketplace enables both parties to communicate with each other through direct messaging which reduces bottlenecks for supply chain managers, and improves visibility throughout the end-to-end process.

Stephan Ango, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Lumi, said: "As COVID-19 continues to batter supply chains, we're excited to provide tools that reduce friction for both manufacturers and brands. We have been amazed by how rapidly Lumi Marketplace is being adopted, and are excited to continue investing in it."

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